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how can i use variables as part of a address?

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rad sel
rad sel on 5 Jan 2020
Commented: rad sel on 5 Jan 2020
im reading an excel file that include some parts of addresses .and i have to Connect the addresses in excel file to the main address. and then use the final address to get the related file. for example Network/sharefolder/p426/the address that was in excel cell/BOM/the file name that was in excel cell
im reading the address and name from excel file but i dont know how to put them to gather and creat the final address

Accepted Answer

awezmm on 5 Jan 2020
You can use the fullfile function to build a path from different parts:
finalAddress = fullfile('Network/sharefolder/p426/','/BOM/','myfile.m')
rad sel
rad sel on 5 Jan 2020
thank you very much <3
it worked correctly.

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