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Index Exceeds Matrix Dimensions

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James on 24 Dec 2019
Commented: James on 26 Dec 2019
Apologies in advance for posting a common error/problem but I couldn't find relevant solutions in other simliar threads.
So I'm trying out this code which I found online and it gives the above mentioned error at:
[data, txt] = xlsread('sample.xlsx');
[m,n] = size(data) = data(:,1);
srdata.Longitude = data(:,2);
srdata.Lattitude = data(:,3);
srdata.altitude = data(:,4);
for i=1:m
srdata.Description{i,1} = txt{i,5};
error line points at "srdata.Description{i,1} = txt{i,5};" and says "Index Exceeds Matrix Dimensions".
I wanted to know why am I getting this and how to fix this, if possible.
P.S: sample.xlsx is something like this.
Thanks in advance!


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Accepted Answer

Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov on 24 Dec 2019
T = readtable('sample.xlsx','ReadVariableNames',0);
T.Properties.VariableNames = {'data','Longitude','Lattitude','altitude','Description'};
srdata = table2struct(T);


James on 24 Dec 2019
Thank you very much!
I was wondering whether there is another way to alter the old code without replacing it to get over the error?
Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov on 24 Dec 2019
[data, txt] = xlsread('sample.xlsx');
m = size(data,1);
for i = 1:m
srdata(i).data = data(i,1);
srdata(i).Longitude = data(i,2);
srdata(i).Lattitude = data(i,3);
srdata(i).altitude = data(i,4);
srdata(i).Description = txt{i};
James on 26 Dec 2019
Thank you so much!

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