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Use of backslash while calculating the product of inverse of a matrix and another matrix

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I am trying to implement successive overrelaxation method. I am getting different answers when I distributed the inverse between two matrices
First way:
xt = (D+omg*L)\((D*(1-omg)-omg*U)*xn+omg*B);
Second way:
xt = (D+omg*L)\((D*(1-omg)-omg*U)*xn)+omg*(D+omg*L)\B);
where D, L, and U are matrices of same size, xn is a vector and omg is a scalar value. But when I use "inv" function instead of backslash, I am getting the same answer in both the cases i.e,
xt = inv(D+omg*L)*((D*(1-omg)-omg*U)*xn+omg*B);
xt = inv(D+omg*L)*((D*(1-omg)-omg*U)*xn)+omg*inv(D+omg*L)*B);


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