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What the two columns represnt when i generate a multivarite normal random numbers

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Fissha Marye
Fissha Marye on 30 Nov 2019
Commented: Jeff Miller on 2 Dec 2019
I run the following command to genrate two variables joint normally distributed with mean Mu and covariance matrix Sigma, which are defined below
sigma=[1 0.7;0.7 1]
Then it genartes N,2 vector. But I want to know what the two columns represent.
Thank you!


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Accepted Answer

Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller on 1 Dec 2019
The two columns represent the two variables measured for each case, and the N rows represent the N randomly selected cases from this bivariate normal distribution. For example, the cases/rows might be analogous to people, and the variables/columns analogous to their heights and weights.


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Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller on 2 Dec 2019
Yes, that's correct. You might have a look at the scattergram to make sure that the variables look like what you expect:
Fissha Marye
Fissha Marye on 2 Dec 2019
Many thanks Jeff,
Could you explain about error: horizontal dimensions mismatch (1000x1 vs 499x1).
I am running the following code
Now I want to use x and y to run an OLS and I save as a dtagrid using dataGrid = [Y X(:,1)]
data = importdata(filename,delimiterIn,headerlinesIn);
y_lab = data.colheaders{1}
x = [ones(N,1),,2)]
x_lab = data.colheaders{2}
But I got the error message
horizontal dimensions mismatch (1000x1 vs 499x1). In my case I want to use N=1000

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