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save column values of different multiple .txt files without overwriting in a for loop.

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yr = [1951:2018]';
for j = 1:size(A)
fil = importdata([folder, A(j).name]);
file = dlmread(fullfile(folder , A(j).name));
for i = 1:size(yr,1)
a = find(file(:,1)==yr(i));
M(i,1) = sum(file(a,4));
I imported all files using 'dir' ansd stored in A. The problem is that Only Last file is getting operated on.


Angana Borah
Angana Borah on 18 Sep 2019
No. I want to bring the 4th column of all the files in the sructure to one data_array,M. Did you get my question? In the for loop, only the file file is getting read and sum of the column of only that file is calculated. Whereas, I want 4th column from all the files.

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Accepted Answer

KALYAN ACHARJYA on 18 Sep 2019
I want to bring the 4th column of all the files in the sructure to one data_array,
  1. Read the txt file one by one (As you mentioned you have done it sucessfully)
  2. iter i=1
  3. Extract the 4th column from i file
  4. Save the column data in cell array
  5. Repeat, iter 2
Step 3:

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Angana Borah
Angana Borah on 19 Sep 2019
Thanks a lot. But I do not want to store column data from various files in different .txt files but want to input in the different columns of the same matrix if that is possible.

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