DC-DC Buck converter Cyclic load

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Hi everyone.
I'm working in a simulation of a PV charge system and I'm using the DC - DC buck converter available in the examples of Simscape/Simulink. In my matlab, I can open the DC -DC buck converter with the command: elec_switching_power_supply. In this model, ther is a cyclic load component as it is shown in the picture that I add in this question. This component is a subsystem that has one controlled current source and a i_load goto. I don't understand the reasson why this component is in the simulation. Is this component simulating a real charge (I mean, a charge that can ask for current)? or there is another reason/function for this component to be in the simulation?
Please help me, thanks.
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Nikhil Sonavane
Nikhil Sonavane on 10 Sep 2019
The purpose of that cyclic load is to show that the controller is able to regulate the output voltage at its set point while the loading condition is changing.

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