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Storing Images from Cell Array into Different Files

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Eric Martz
Eric Martz on 26 Jul 2019
Commented: Eric Martz on 5 Aug 2019
I have already divided a picture into 100 smaller pictures and stored each image in a 10x10 cell array. I am now trying to save them to my computer as a file using imwrite.
[m,n] = size(Pgray);
Blocks = cell(m/100,n/100);
counti = 0;
for i = 1:100:m-99
counti = counti + 1;
countj = 0;
for j = 1:100:n-99
countj = countj + 1;
Blocks{counti,countj} = Pgray(i:i+99,j:j+99);
I think I need to create a for loop that does this for each cell, but I'm not sure how:
imwrite(Blocks{1,1}, 'Image1.jpg')
I want it to do this for every image of cell array size 10x10 so that it stores them into a folder and is labelled 'Image(1 through 100).jpg'.
Thanks in advance!
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Eric Martz
Eric Martz on 26 Jul 2019
Just to clarify, it's dividing the pictures how I want it to. All i need help with is how to write a for loop to store them in a folder.

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Accepted Answer

awezmm on 27 Jul 2019
Here is a for loop that generates a different filename in each iteration:
for i = 1:100
newfilename = strcat('Image', num2str(i), '.jpg')
imwrite(img, newfilename)
In this example, strcat combines multiple strings into one string and num2str converts a number to string.
Make sure you are imwriting these files in the correct output directory. An easy way to do this is by putting the path to the output directory in which you want to save stuff, using the cd command, before the for loop.

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