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demapp "IQ array of length 6" to "Bits array of length 12"?

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Emanuel on 6 Jun 2019
Commented: Emanuel on 6 Jun 2019
I have this complex array (1+j,1-j.......), whose length is 6 and i need to make a bits array of 12 length, like,
1+j = 0 0,
-1-j = 1 1
-1+j = 1 0
1-j = 0 1
Thank you!

Accepted Answer

Josh on 6 Jun 2019
How about this?
x = [1+j; -1-j; -1+j; 1-j];
result = [real(x)<0, imag(x)<0];
It turns a column vector of imaginary numbers into a two-column array with the results.
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Emanuel on 6 Jun 2019
It works, actually, but its not what i need. Also, thank you anyway

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