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Matlab Coder: How can ich define the inputs of a Mex file I want to generate if the input is a cell containing several strcuts?

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Ich would like to generate a mex file with the matlab coder. The first step worked but I am stuck defining the inputs of the Mex-file.
My Input is a cell array of (1x6) with 6 structs. Can I load the my input let's call it varargin as a varagin.mat and matlab coder generates the input automatically from this file?
Or how can I proceed. I would very much appreciate if I could talk to someone in person rather explaining my problem in an email. Is this possible
Many thanks and best regards
Hannes Buchholz


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Accepted Answer

Ryan Livingston
Ryan Livingston on 7 May 2019
If you have a variable that represents this cell array, call it cellVar, then you can use that to define by example in the Coder App:
You can also use it directly with the codegen command:
codegen myFunction -args {cellVar}
And with coder.typeof if you'd like to change properties:
t = coder.typeof(cellVar); ....
The best way to get in touch with someone is to call Technical Support at your local office:


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