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strcmp with or-condition

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i have the following two tables:
Tab1=table('Size',[9 3],'VariableTypes',{'cell','double','double'},'VariableNames',{'Description','Year','Value'});
Tab2=table('Size',[6 3],'VariableTypes',{'cell','double','double'},'VariableNames',{'Description','Year','Value'});
I try the following calculation:
The or-part seems to be the problem. I want the Value of 'FW' from Tab2 as the Value of 'Gas' and 'Oil' in Tab1. My original table is way bigger, so seperate calculations like:
are not purposeful. Maybe an if-condition with
could help, but i dont know how.
I will greatly appreciate any assistance.
Max Bornemann
Max Bornemann on 16 Apr 2019
Can someone help?

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Accepted Answer

Ben Cunningham
Ben Cunningham on 16 Apr 2019
Edited: Ben Cunningham on 16 Apr 2019
Generally I would recommend just writing out two lines as Adam proposed earlier.
But if you really want 'one line' with a list of strings to index then you could wrap it in a for loop :
for DescriptionIndex = {'Gas', 'Oil'}, Tab1(strcmp(Tab1.Description, DescriptionIndex),'Value')=Tab2(strcmp(Tab2.Description,'FW'),'Value'); end
Ben Cunningham
Ben Cunningham on 23 Apr 2019
Well found!
If you are doing this mulitiple times you might consider putting this code in a nicely named function which may help it look clearer.
(Name the function something that makes sense for what you are doing - also the variables might benefit from clearer names).
e.g. At the end of your script :
function TabOut = myFunctionName (Tab1, Tab2, Tab3, Sum)
% My Function does something
for Sum1 = Sum
TabOut = Tab2;
Then in your script you can write :
Tab2 = myFunctionName (Tab1, Tab2, Tab3, {'Pellets','Oil','Heatpump';'Wood','HeatingOil','Heat'})

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 16 Apr 2019
Edited: Adam Danz on 16 Apr 2019
You would use ismember() to find the rows of Tab1.Description that match a list of options.
ismember(Tab1.Description, {'Gas', 'Oil'})
However, you'll find out that this matches 6 rows but the data on the right hand side of the equal sign only produces 3 rows.
What I think you're trying to do is to assign those 3 values to all rows in Tab1 that are labeled 'Gas' and to assign those 3 values to all rows labeled 'Oil', too.
Ben Cunningham
Ben Cunningham on 16 Apr 2019
Aye that's right.

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