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Why do I see the error message "The specified folder has R20XXx update X installed" when installing a MathWorks Product?

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Install Error:The specified folder has R20XXx Update X installed.To add products to this installation, see this MATLAB Answer.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 25 Aug 2021
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 25 Aug 2021
This error will occur when trying to install products into an existing installation folder that contains a different Update level. The resolution is to install online using the MATLAB Installer by selecting the "Log in with a MathWorks Account" option to download your remaining product installation files. This will install all products to the same Update level. 
If the online installation workflow cannot be used you will need to uninstall the installation of MATLAB, and reinstall. After reinstalling MATLAB, then apply the Update with either the online or offline workflow.

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Joseph Vallino
Joseph Vallino on 16 Oct 2020
Note, I found that you need to download the latest install package from the web. Using the one from the orginal installation, which is how I started, is the cause of the problem. The answer is not clear on this and "Log in with a MathWorks Account" is confusing. If you run into the above error, I'm guessing the proceedure would be to 1) update matlab to the latest update from within Matlab, 2) download the installation software from the Mathworks so that everything is running the same update, 3) run the install package.


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