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GUI imagesc not working

Asked by Sophie Lis on 17 Feb 2019
Latest activity Answered by Cris LaPierre on 9 Apr 2019
I am using MATLAB to run a behavioral analysis GUI based on LFP recorded from mice. However, when I am loading up the screen I get an issue with the plot as shown in the attached figure. It is happening in this line:
imagesc(handles.D.pX,( handles.D.F(1:max_LFP_y)),10*log10(abs(handles.D.P(1:max_LFP_y,:))));
What could be going wrong?

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Kevin Chng on 22 Feb 2019
may be you can check back the ui design, is that any component blocking the plot/axes?

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1 Answer

Answer by Cris LaPierre on 9 Apr 2019

Need some more details about your variables if you want help.
Are you seeing any error messages? Also, what is the size of
  • handles.D.pX
  • handles.D.F(1:max_LFP_y))
  • 10*log10(abs(handles.D.P(1:max_LFP_y,:)))
Some things to look into
  • do you need to specify a column for handles.D.F?
  • You are including all columns of handles.D.P. Is that intentional?
If the plot is already created and you are adding this image to it, you probably need to specify the axis to plot into.
Without that, it will create a new axes in your figure, which would also explain what you are seeing.
If handles.D.px is your axes handle, you don't have enough inputs.


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