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how can I reuse http connection when use webread to avoid server time wait?

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zwbxyzeng on 30 Jan 2019
Answered: Mohammad Sami on 4 May 2020
I use webread to get data from server. When I do it in parfor mode, it makes the remote server generate many timewait event. The reason is everytime, the webread open a port and request data and close it. The server cannot handle too many close requests at the same time. I want keep the port open to frequently read data from url
how can I reuse http connection when use webread to avoid server time wait?
for example, in python, I can do:
con = http.client.HTTPConnection("", 5010)
while True:
con.request("GET", "/DFS/TNode/File?fileName=G0002-1/H02/2018/10/44/38/4a3cc8f1-b48f-40df-96b1-5d1e452fd63c", headers={"Connection":" keep-alive"})
result = con.getresponse()
print(result.reason, result.getheaders())
and there is no time wait event


Guofeng on 21 Sep 2019
Have you deal with your problem?I have the same problem but do not konw how to speed the function time.
laroq on 4 May 2020
Same problem as you. Webread and urlread2 don't support connection reuse. Need a third party tool to feed the data to Matlab.

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Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami on 4 May 2020
You will need to rely on java to accomplish this. A simple script to open a network connection and read from it is as follows.
url =;
HttpURLConnection = url.openConnection();
%connect_time_out = 60;
httpcode = HttpURLConnection.getResponseCode;
ins = HttpURLConnection.getInputStream();
% copy the input stream into an output. you can directly read the input stream as well
output =;,output);
string_output = char(output.toString);


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