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how to automatic segmentation signal

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hi guys
i have a pcg signal
i want to segment the signal into 4 segment, s1 & s2 = 1 segment
how to do it?

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 22 Jan 2019
The findchangepts (link) function (introduced in R2016a) is perfect for this:
D = load('matlab.mat');
data =;
Fs = D.fs;
t = linspace(0, 1, numel(data))/Fs;
cp = findchangepts(data, 'Statistic','std', 'MinDistance',2E+3, 'MaxNumChanges',7);
plot(t, data)
hold on
YL = ylim;
plot([t(cp); t(cp)], YL(:)*ones(1,numel(cp)), '-r', 'LineWidth',1)
hold off
how to automatic segmentation signal - 2019 01 22.png
The ‘cp’ vector are the change points corresponding to the vertical red lines in the plot. The findchangepts function takes about 15 seconds to complete this (on my desktop, using tic and toc),
Experiment to get the result you want.

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weii chieun lim
weii chieun lim on 4 Jul 2019
Hi Mr noobys , can i know how do you denoising the pcg signal ? tq

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