Practical timing offset and channel estimation in 5G toolbox

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Medhat Elsayed
Medhat Elsayed on 8 Jan 2019
Answered: Sriram Tadavarty on 5 Jan 2021
I am using the 5G toolbox for network level simulations. The throughput example provided (PDSCH throughput example) is performing the synchronization and channel estimation using the functions "h5gPerfectTimingOffset" and "h5gPerfectChannelEstimate". However, adding the large scale fading won't work with these functions. So, are the functions from LTE toolbox compatible with 5G toolbox for synch. and channel estimation processes?

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Sriram Tadavarty
Sriram Tadavarty on 5 Jan 2021
Hi Medhat,
The functions h5gPerfectTimingOffset and h5gPerfectChannelEstimate are only used for perfect estimates. So, it would work for even for large fading. But, it always give the perfect estimate.
For the use of practical timing and channel estimations, use nrTimingEstimate and nrChannelEstimate functions of 5G Toolbox.

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