Viewing variables in debug window disables Aero interface

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Nick on 10 Jul 2012
Commented: Tim leonard on 2 Feb 2016
When I run code in debug mode, reach a break point, and hover my cursor over a variable name to view its contents, my screen blinks and when it comes back my windows 7 aero interface is disabled. This typically happens when the variable contains a long vector of values rather than a scalar. I have to reboot the computer to restore aero.
I have tried installing the latest version of the Java Runtime environment (Version 7 Update 5), and setting the MATLAB_JAVA environment variable to the corresponding path, however the issue has not been resolved.
Below are my system specs:
OS: Windows 7 64 bit
MATLAB: 2012a
JRE: 7 Update 5
Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 6970
Screen Resolution: 2560x1440
Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Nick
Tim leonard
Tim leonard on 2 Feb 2016
This is a very nice write up. Exactly the same problem I am having. Quattro 600, Driver 361.75.

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Accepted Answer

L on 1 Oct 2014
I spoke to MathWorks support today, since I saw this issue re-appear on a new server that has Windows 7 x64 bit and Matlab 2014a. They suggested the following fix:
1) Run MATLAB as administrator
2) Execute the command "edit datatipinfo" in the MATLAB command prompt
3) On line 48 of the code (might be different in another MATLAB version) which should be "val = val(1:500);", please reduce the value from 500 to another number. You may have to play around with reducing the value to find something that will work in your case.
Hopefully that solves the issue for those of you affected. I'll see if I get a chance to try it soon -- it was not my machine.
Heiko on 26 Mar 2015
Thanks for sharing!
I had the same problem with MatLab R2014b 64 bit (Windows 7 64bit). Sad to see that Mathworks doesn't see the necessity to change this. At least this solution worked.

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Pawel Kusmierek
Pawel Kusmierek on 3 Apr 2014
I noticed the same thing in 2014a, Win 64-bit, ATI Radeon HD 7700.
By the way, there is a way to re-enable Aero without restarting Windows.
Run Command prompt as administrator type in the following commands: net stop uxsms net start uxsms

Aditya on 1 Apr 2013
Edited: Aditya on 1 Apr 2013
Not an answer but I also have this same problem.
I am using HP8570w with Win7 64 bit, 16gb RAM, nvidia quadro k1000m, 1920x1080.
It seems to happen when I hover over variables that are very large like single column variables that are large but can still be displayed when hovering.
I like the Aero interface and absolutely do not want it disabled.
Any ideas?
Thanks, Aditya

L on 8 Jun 2014
Edited: L on 24 Jun 2014
I'm posting the answer that worked to improve the problem with the repro case I mentioned above.
The fix that led to this was that I added another user to the system, and the new user was not experiencing the problem, so I figured it might be MATLAB preferences related.
I deleted the contents of:
Note that doing the above will reset the MATLAB desktop layout to the default, delete the current user's command history, and any other user-level MATLAB settings.
After doing that, restarting MATLAB and hovering over both var_ok and var_bad variables the DWM crash disappeared.
Edit: It seems the problem is still present regardless of resetting the MATLAB settings, even using a new Windows 7 User Account, except now I get the problem with:
var_ok = rand(453,1);
var_bad = rand(454,1);
I also tried pointing MATLAB to a newer Java Runtime v7 update 55 on my system, and as the OP (Nick) mentioned, this does not resolve the problem.
Edit 2: In the end, my resolution ended up being installing Windows 8 x64. That being said, I noticed that there is at least one DWM / DirectX registry setting that affects the behavior of the minimum variable size where the problem happens, but I was not able to eliminate it, given I didn't have time to keep debugging the issue. This particular one was the one I tried:

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