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problem in matlab programs

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dab483 on 6 Jul 2012
Hi, I'm having problem to plot my figure when i try to run the program several times to get an average value of rmse. I know there is something wrong the way i save the data for plotting, but i dont know how to solve it.
if i set the no_of_runs more than 1,let say 2 the previous data will still be there and making the data save in the xArray much bigger (1x201), hence the vector of t (1x101 double) and xArray and others will not be the same any more and fail to plot.
how do i make the array will still be (1x101 double) everytime when no_of_runs more than 1? thank you.
tf = 100; % simulation length
x=1; %%initialize
xhatukf1Array = 1;
Pukf1= ..
Pukf1array = diag(Pukf1);
%%start program
for k=1: no_of_runs
for t=1:tf
x= ...
Kukf1 = Pxy1 /(Py1);
xhatukf1 = xhatukf1 + Kukf1 * (z - zhat1);
Pukf1 = Pukf1 - Kukf1 * Py1 * Kukf1';
% Save data for plotting.
xArray = [xArray x];
xhatukf1Array = [xhatukf1Array xhatukf1];
Pukf1array = [Pukf1array diag(Pukf1)];
end %%(end t loop)
t = 0 : tf;
plot(t, xArray(1,:),'k-',t,xhatukf1Array(1,:),'m');
legend('True Position','ukf2n+1');
rmsError_ukf2N(k) = sqrt(inv(tf)*sum((xArray-xhatukf1Array).^(2)));
end %%(end k loop)

Accepted Answer

Jan on 6 Jul 2012
for k=1: no_of_runs
xArray = [];
A pre-allocation would be more efficient:
for k=1: no_of_runs
xArray = zeros(<LENGTH_OF_x>, tf); % I do not know "size(x)"
for t=1:tf
xArray(:, t) = x;
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dab483 on 6 Jul 2012
thank you so much.. now i can plot when no_of_runs more than 1. :)

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