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Place several plots in perspective to show time evolution

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Max Jaquenoud
Max Jaquenoud on 27 Sep 2018
Answered: JohnGalt on 27 Sep 2018
I wonder if there is a method to present several plots in perspective as to show the time related evolution of some variable. I joined a picture which hopefully will make more clear what I mean by "in perspective"
Thanks for the help !

Answers (1)

JohnGalt on 27 Sep 2018
typically when I have something like this i make a 'movie' by plotting into one window and updating the plot in a for loop... e.g.
t = 0:.001:100;
x = sin(t)+t/100;
numWins = 10;
h = figure(1);
winds = floor(linspace(0,length(t),numWins+1));
winds(end) = length(t);
for i = 1:numWins
hold off;
inds = (winds(i)+1):winds(i+1);
you could set the h.Position value to cascade the windows if you wanted to plot different windows in the arrangement of your attachment

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