Flatten Hierachy for MATLAB functions used in SIMULINK when Generating HDL code

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Kamyar Khosravi
Kamyar Khosravi on 24 Sep 2018
Edited: Peyman K. Reghbati on 14 Feb 2020
Hi, I am using few MATLAB functions in my SIMULINK model and then generate an HDL code (Verilog in particular) from it. The problem I am having is that it generates different Verilog files for each function and I can't find an option to flatten the hierarchy for the functions. Is it possible to flatten the hierarchy for the functions?
Many Thanks, Kamyar

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Yousef B Bedoustani
Yousef B Bedoustani on 5 Oct 2018
Edited: Yousef B Bedoustani on 5 Oct 2018
1. Right click on the subsystem
2. Chose HDL code\ HDL Block Properties
3. In General section: change FlattenHierarchy = on
Peyman K. Reghbati
Peyman K. Reghbati on 14 Feb 2020
It is possible that you have the MATLAB function Synchronous in State Control of your function. See Below:
imitations For Hierarchy Flattening
A subsystem cannot be flattened if the subsystem is:
  • A Synchronous Subsystem or uses the State Control block in Synchronous mode.
  • A black box implementation or model reference.
  • A Triggered Subsystem when Use trigger signal as clock is enabled.
  • A masked subsystem that contains any of the following:
  • Bus.
  • Enumerated data type.
  • Lookup table blocks: 1-D Lookup Table, 2-D Lookup Table, Cosine HDL Optimized, Direct LookupTable (n-D), Prelookup, Sine HDL Optimized, n-D Lookup Table.
  • MATLAB System block.
  • Stateflow blocks: Chart, State Transition Table, Sequence Viewer.
  • Blocks with a pass-through or no-op implementation. See Pass through, No HDL, and Cascade Implementations.

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