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How can I save captured data from SDR hardware?

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Michael Diamantopoulos
Michael Diamantopoulos on 16 Aug 2018
Edited: Ben Cunningham on 19 Sep 2019
I am running this example: Airplane Tracking Using ADS-B Signals and ADALM-PLUTO Radio. How can I save the captured data in a file so I can run them again later?

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Ben Cunningham
Ben Cunningham on 19 Sep 2019
Edited: Ben Cunningham on 19 Sep 2019
Sorry nobody got back to you earlier.
However it sounds like you are after the new 'capture' functionality introduced in 19b. Here is an example: Capture RF Data to Baseband File Using ADALM-PLUTO Radio.
e.g. specifically
Then you can use the baseband file reader to read back the captured data into the example you link.

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