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Change the voxel size from a 3D matrix

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Hi everyone,
I wanted to change the voxel size of an image stack in 50x50x50 Right now I loaded the image stack into a matrix inside a .mat file It has the dimensions: 1186x1834x121 Initially I just wanted to change the dimensions of the z axis in mm to 6.05 mm so that I have a the right relation (one image was 0.05mm thick; all dimensions: x = 13 mm y = 10 mm z = 6.05 mm), but I wasn´t able to find the right code, since I´m new to Matlab I need more time to look into every code. I would be really happy about any suggestions!!! Thanks in advance.

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Katharina Hecker
Katharina Hecker on 18 Jun 2018
PS: I forgot to add double: 1186x1834x121 double

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Accepted Answer

KSSV on 18 Jun 2018
Read about interpn
A = rand(1186,1834,121) ;
[m1,n1,p1]= size(A) ;
x0 = 13 ; y0 = 10 ; z0 = 6.05 ;
x1 = x0+(m1-1)*x0 ;
y1 = y0+(n1-1)*y0 ;
z1 = z0+(p1-1)*z0 ;
x = linspace(x0,x1,m1) ;
y = linspace(y0,y1,n1) ;
z = linspace(z0,z1,p1) ;
[X1,Y1,Z1] = ndgrid(x,y,z) ;
xi = linspace(x0,x1,50) ;
yi = linspace(y0,y1,50) ;
zi = linspace(z0,z1,50) ;
[Xi,Yi,Zi] = ndgrid(xi,yi,zi) ;
Ai = interpn(X1,Y1,Z1,A,Xi,Yi,Zi) ;

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Katharina Hecker
Katharina Hecker on 18 Jun 2018
Thank you very much! It is working.

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