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Editor and command windows next to each other, Part 3

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alpedhuez on 2 Jun 2018
Answered: Greg on 4 Jun 2018
Now I have two windows side by side. What will be the steps to make this setting to be a default setting (i.e. whenever one opens matlab, matlab will have two windows side by side.)

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Paolo on 3 Jun 2018
I am working on 2017b and my layout is preserved when I close and open again.
You can save the current layout by going to:
  1. Home
  2. Layout
  3. Save Layout
You can then select the saved layout in the future. Does that help?

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Greg on 4 Jun 2018
Preferences (including layouts) are user-specific. As Paolo explained, your layout is already saved every time MATLAB closes (properly), and that layout is used on next load.
If you're trying to share your layout (or force others to use it on your machine), I think you need to find desktop.xml in [MATLABroot]\toolbox\local\ folder and share that file.


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