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Error scatter plot time vs wind speed (data from a table)

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Marissa Menzel
Marissa Menzel on 31 May 2018
Edited: Greg on 1 Jun 2018
I am trying to make a simple scatter plot with time on the x-axis and wind speed on the y-axis. I loaded in my data from a txt file as a table and then tried to use table2array to plot since it needs numeric values not table data. I also tried using double and got another error.
Error Message: Error using scatter (line 55) Input arguments must be numeric or objects which can be converted to double.
Error in windconversions (line 18) scatter(time,wnd_TS)
T = readtable('allunderway.txt', 'HeaderLines', 2);
%A = table2array(T)
date = T(:,1);
time = T(:,2);
wnd_TD = T(:,10);
wnd_TS = T(:,11);

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Greg on 1 Jun 2018
Edited: Greg on 1 Jun 2018
You're misunderstanding how MATLAB operates. Functions like table2array don't manipulate the variable in place, they return it as an explicit output variable. Replace
wnd_TS = table2array(wnd_TS);
time = table2array(time);
Better than that though is to index into tables properly:


Marissa Menzel
Marissa Menzel on 1 Jun 2018
I tried the new scatter line and got an error Error using windconversions (line 20) Unrecognized variable name 'time'.
Greg on 1 Jun 2018
Sorry, I was looking at your time = T(:,2) line rather than the data file. See updated answer.

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