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Extract specific values of first set of matrix on base of condition from second set of matrix

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There are two sets of matrix (A and B) with same size (8*8*5), A is precipitation data having random values from ....90 and B is the quality information of A with value 0, 2,10,5,1. we have to extract certain values of A which has quality (B) value only 0.
The matrix of extracted values should have same size of A and B (8*8*5)
We tried this
for i = 1:8;
for j = 1:8;
for k = 1:5;
if B == 0
A = B;
and it showed the logical output with 0 and 1 but we need the actually values of A which can any from ....90. else where the values of B is not 0 should be replace with 999
Thank you in advance for help

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 28 May 2018
You did not indicate what values you want in the places where B is not 0.
C = A;
C(B ~= 0) = nan;

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