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ANFIS - different length vectors as training data

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Riados on 7 May 2018
Answered: Riados on 7 May 2018
Hey everyone,
I have a question regarding the ANFIS training data. What I am trying to do is to train the ANFIS to classify different EMGs.
I have the data (compressed with wavelet transform), some coefficients and the output/class that the specific EMG belongs to.
The Problem is, that the recorded EMGs vary in length! Some are 2 sec, others 3 sec and so on.
Has anyone got an idea on how I can train the ANFIS with this data?

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Riados on 7 May 2018
What I thought of is padding the shorter vectors with zeroes, or reducing the bigger vectors to the length of the smaller ones by taking a mean to get them all to the same length.

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