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Slider in live editor

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Luca on 15 Apr 2018
Answered: David Garrison on 19 Apr 2018
Hi guys, How could I create 3 uislider and catch corrispondent values?
this is my code:
sld1 = uislider(); sld1.Limits = [0.2 0.5]; c=get(sld1.Value)
sld2 = uislider(); sld2.Limits = [0.01 0.1]; C_r=get(sld2.Value)
sld3 = uislider(); sld3.Limits = [1*10^(3) 10*10^(3)]; k=get(sld3.Value)
% disegna la funzione ftheta=vibrazione(c,C_r,k)
figure('Name','Vibrazione in funzione della pulsazione naturale e smorzata.','NumberTitle','off'); plot(t,ftheta,'r','LineWidth',1) legend('Vibrazione in funzione della pulsazione naturale e smorzata.') % xticks(0:0.25:1) ylabel('\theta(t) in radianti') xlabel('tempo in secondi')

Accepted Answer

David Garrison
David Garrison on 19 Apr 2018
In R2018a, you can add sliders and dropdowns in a live script. Search the documentation for "Add Interactive Controls to a Live Script".

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