find the number of elements in matrix

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alireza bakhshaee
alireza bakhshaee on 11 Apr 2018
Answered: Razvan Carbunescu on 11 Apr 2018
I have a table which contains 6 columns. In the 6th column, I have 3 types data: A , Ae , M I want to find: how many A, how many Ae and how many M I have in this column.
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James Tursa
James Tursa on 11 Apr 2018
Please provide a small sample of your table so we can see exactly what is in that 6th column.

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Answers (2)

Guillaume on 11 Apr 2018
Should work regardless of the type of data in the 6th column:
[id, group] = findgroups(yourtable.nameof6column)
count = accumarray(id, 1);
%for pretty display
result = table(group, count)

Razvan Carbunescu
Razvan Carbunescu on 11 Apr 2018
If using R2018a can use groupsummary with the first syntax:
GT = groupsummary(T,6)

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