Data Analysis: Can I compare and match timestamps?

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I have imported in Matlab 2 sets of big data (each set consist 2 columns by 8000 rows). The first set consist of a timestamp (date, time) and data type A and the second set consist of timestamp (date, time) and data type B. Is it possible that I program MATLAB to compare the 2 timestamps from the different sets and put data A and B in the correlated rows?

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Razvan Carbunescu
Razvan Carbunescu on 11 Apr 2018
I think you are looking for something like join or outerjoin for tables.
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Stefan Azzopardi
Stefan Azzopardi on 13 Jun 2018
Hi Razvan,
Thanks for your help. It was very helpful and managed to use it for 2 tables. On the other hand I have more than 2 tables which I need to compare with the first variable ('Timestamp'). Is it possible to use in any way outerjoin for more than 2 tables?

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