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How to compare spec limit

Asked by Kanakaiah Jakkula on 13 Mar 2018
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on 13 Mar 2018
Hi, Spec table: UL: upper limit, LL: Lower Limit
V1 0.36 0.66
V2 30 50
V3 60 110
V1 0.16
V2 3
V3 130
I want compare actual with spec limit,
1. If actual value <LL, adjust the actual value to LL
2. If actual value is >UL, adjust the actual value to UL
How to do this,
Many thanks in advance,


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1 Answer

Answer by KL
on 13 Mar 2018

Do it with a logical mask,
V1 = 0.16;
V1_LL = 0.36;
V1_UL = 0.66;
V1(V1<V1_LL) = V1_LL;
V1(V1>V1_UL) = V1_UL;


If actual value is between LL & UL, then keep the acual value unchange.
Do I need to compare each variable one by one?
on 13 Mar 2018
This should work even if V1 is a vector. As long as you have the same limits,
V1 = [0.36 0.46 0.56];
%and the same as above should work.
the values that are within the liimits will remain the same, that's the point, right?

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