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how to detect circle using hough transform for color image?

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currently i am working to circle the color image using hough transform,but i am unable to do that.kindly guide me. i have extracted color image and now want to circle that by using hough transform or any other good method. thanks


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Paul Shoemaker
Paul Shoemaker on 7 Mar 2018
Have you searched the Matlab File Exchange? This one was featured on the "Pick of the Week" blog and may address your need.
Paul Shoemaker


Muhammad Hammad Malik
Muhammad Hammad Malik on 8 Mar 2018
i tried this one but i want to circle color image. i applied this matlab code but i am having error in h = circle_hough(e, radii, 'same', 'normalise'); kindly solve the reason.thanks
im = imread('coins.png'); e = edge(im, 'canny'); imshow(e); radii = 15:1:40; h = circle_hough(e, radii, 'same', 'normalise'); %error peaks = circle_houghpeaks(h, radii, 'nhoodxy', 15, 'nhoodr', 21, 'npeaks', 10); imshow(im); hold on; for peak = peaks [x, y] = circlepoints(peak(3)); plot(x+peak(1), y+peak(2), 'g-'); end hold off
Anton Riyanto
Anton Riyanto on 8 May 2018
you should convert image into grayscale im = rgb2gray(imread('coins.png'));

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