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Extracting a result of a looped finction from the workspace

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Adam Kepinski
Adam Kepinski on 2 Mar 2018
Commented: Adam Kepinski on 2 Mar 2018
I ran a lagged regression 60 times and I got the coefficients printed in the command window (picture is attached). I'm stuck trying to extract one same cell from every table (row 2, column 3) into one array.
This is the function used to obtain tables: tmp = table2array(mdl.Coefficients)
Any help would be appreciated.


KL on 2 Mar 2018
Your attachment is not quite useful. It would be helpful if you give an example of what you have and what you want to have.
Adam Kepinski
Adam Kepinski on 2 Mar 2018
Thanks for the answer. I managed to narrow down the printed data into the output i'm looking for (tstat). But still struggle to put it into an array. Maybe this screenshot will be more informative.
Issue is that I am getting an array in workspace with only one "tmp".

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Accepted Answer

KL on 2 Mar 2018
Edited: KL on 2 Mar 2018
You're replacing the value of tmp during every iteration. Pre-allocate tmp with a proper size and store every iteration at its respective index.
For example, before you start the loop declare tmp
tmp = zeros(h,1);
and then inside the loop replace your last line with,
tmp(c,1) = mdl.Coefficients(2,3);
P.S: attaching screenshots don't help much. Just copy paste your code here and format it using {} Code button.

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