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Add numbers in a plot

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evangeline on 2 Mar 2018
Answered: KL on 2 Mar 2018
I have 10 points with x and y coordinates, and I am plotting circles that center in these coordinates. I need to add the numbers 1 to 20 on each circle. How can I do this? So each circle has a number on it in my figure. x=[3,5,8,6,1,2,4,5,7,9] y=[5,4,3,1,7,8,6,5,9,0] so I will have 10 circles.

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Jan on 2 Mar 2018
What does "circles that center in these coordinates" mean?
What do you expect as result of "adding 20 to a circle"? A circle is a geometric object, but 20 is a number.
How can a circle have a number on it? Do you want to insert text labels to the lines, e.g. as in contour plots (link)?
Please edit the question and try to be more clear.

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KL on 2 Mar 2018
Assuming you know how to plot circles, you could use text command right after you plot the circle,
text(x,y,['(',num2str(x),',',num2str(y),')']) %for ex: x = 3, y = 5 (scalars)


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