how to plot a variable(azimuth, inclination) in a polar plot or a stereographic projection system

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K.C. Sundli
K.C. Sundli on 31 Jan 2018
Answered: vimal kumar chawda on 18 May 2019
I have a variable which is a function of azimuth and inclination (angle w.r.t. vertical). I need to plot this variable in a polar image plot with colors representing the variation of the function. Please help.

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Abhishek Ballaney
Abhishek Ballaney on 5 Feb 2018
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K.C. Sundli
K.C. Sundli on 5 Feb 2018
hi, the link belongs to polar plot of theta vs rho i.e. one quantity depicts angle and other distance whereas in my case both the variables are angle only i.e. azimuth and inclination. Don't know how to proceed.

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vimal kumar chawda
vimal kumar chawda on 17 May 2019
I have same problem as i am having azimuth and elevation. How to plot for the elevation between 0^ to 90^ . I need plot like this as in the attachemtnt. can you please guide me?IMG_20190514_185340.jpg

vimal kumar chawda
vimal kumar chawda on 18 May 2019
please just help me with the skyplot? ITS example i got. so if anyone knows how to plot skyplot od satellite tracking position then please help me

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