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Matlab Student License R2017b - Use on Multiple Computers possible?

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Christopher Serement
Christopher Serement on 4 Dec 2017
Is it possible to buy a student license and access the software on multiple computers?


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Lamin Barleben
Lamin Barleben on 2 Jan 2018
Edited: Lamin Barleben on 2 Jan 2018
I am trying it right now. I purchased a students license a while ago and I have been using it on my laptop so far. As I type this I am installing it on my desktop. Don't know if its going to work yet as I found no answers to the question on the web, but I was able to download the latest installer from the matlab page. It asked me for my Matlab account, checked my license and now its installing. So seems to me like it is possible. I will give you an update in a few.
UPDATE: Installation complete and working on both machines :) Nice.

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Ameer Haziq Bin Osman
Ameer Haziq Bin Osman on 9 Oct 2018
Hello Lamin Barleben, how did you manage to activate Matlab on both computers?

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