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Generic battery model - State of Charge

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Samuel Tepe
Samuel Tepe on 5 Sep 2017
Commented: essam nabil on 30 Apr 2019
Hello everybody,
I want to use the Simulink Simscape Power Systems Battery from the "Electric Drives/Extra Sources" libarypath. To understand the model I would like to get to know why there is a gap between the "Initial state-of-charge" I write in the block parameters and the measured state-of-charge (SOC) at the beginning of the simulation. At 20 % initial SOC the measured SOC is something around 17.28 % and at 90 % intial SOC it measures 89.66 %.
Is there anyone who had the same question and solved it for himself or is anybody able to help me?

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essam nabil
essam nabil on 30 Apr 2019
Woud you please send me your mail. Thanks

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Accepted Answer

Zhao Wang
Zhao Wang on 8 Sep 2017
I understand that you observed the initial SOC that is different from the settings in the Battery block in the Simscape Power Systems toolbox. Based on the situation you described, I assume that you are using MATLAB R2016a or R2016b. This issue appears to be caused by a bug of the Battery block in these releases. In a more recent version of MATLAB, such as MATLAB R2017a, the initial SOC should be correct.

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Samuel Tepe
Samuel Tepe on 9 Sep 2017
Thanks, that safes me a lot of time.

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