How to use arrayfun in Simulink?

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I am trying to use arrayfun in Simulink but first got the error "Function 'arrayfun' is not supported for code generation. Consider adding coder.extrinsic('arrayfun') at the top of the function to bypass code generation." Then I tried adding coder.extrinsic('arrayfun') before the arrayfun call but then I get an error saying "Cannot pass an object of class 'function_handle' to MATLAB function 'arrayfun'". Does anyone have a way to use arrayfun in Simulink? My code works in matlab but Simulink can't handle function handles. The code below is a simplified version of what I have in my model but serves the same purpose.
dx = [0 5 10 15];
n = 5;
dn_x = arrayfun(@(dx)linspace(0,dx,n), dx(2:end)', 'Uni',0);

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Sudarshan Kolar
Sudarshan Kolar on 28 Aug 2017
Hi Andrew,
The limitations of using function handles for code generation are mentioned here.
You are not allowed to pass function handles to extrinsic functions.
I am curious to learn more about why do you want to use 'arrayfun' with simulink. I am attaching a demo model for your reference. I am using Matlab Interpreted Function block to call 'arrayfun' inside Simulink.
Hope this helps you get started.
Andrew Poissant
Andrew Poissant on 29 Aug 2017
I believe I may be able to just use linspace without arrayfun, only problem is my dx value are not scalars so it gives me an error when I just use linspace

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