Plotting results of three different data sets on same Plot

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Ben Brooke
Ben Brooke on 13 Apr 2012
I would like to compare the velocity profiles of three different data sets, contained within three different folders. How would I go about writing the code for a function to import the three data sets and plot them all on the same graph so that they can be compared with one another. I would like to be able to change the name of the files to be imported in the code so it can reused for different examples.
I imagine this should be fairly simple, however I'm still very new to Matlab so getting a bit stuck.

Accepted Answer

laurie on 13 Apr 2012
How about:
load file1.mat
load file2.mat
hold all
data1 and data2 must be the same length though I think.
About the different folders: I think if you add all the folders to the path (manually?) it should work fine.
laurie on 13 Apr 2012
thanks :) i am glad i can both help and learn new things about matlab

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Vaibhav on 13 Apr 2012
The code above would work. Another alternative is to
If x is not same for all 3 sets, then
But x1,x2,x3 must be the same length.

Matt Kindig
Matt Kindig on 13 Apr 2012
Depending on the format of the data sets, there are a variety of functions available to import the data. Look at the following to get you started (these are references to topics in Matlab help):
doc load
doc importdata
doc dlmread
doc textscan
To plot data:
doc plot
doc hold
To change the names of the files, I would probably have one of the function inputs be a cell array with the filenames, and have a for loop in the function to iterate through each data set and do the plotting.
doc cell
doc for

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