EEG data

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Hoang Ton
Hoang Ton on 13 Apr 2012
Commented: touitou habadi on 18 Mar 2018
Hi all, I already study epilepsy base on EEG data. How can I identify provocation such as open eyes, close eyes, hyperventilation and photic ? In other words, what part in EEG data represent this information (in header or channel signal)
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touitou habadi
touitou habadi on 18 Mar 2018
hello,can you help me please I have the same project how did you study the epileptic signal in matlab

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Accepted Answer

laurie on 13 Apr 2012
do you have EOG and/or EMG channels in your data ?
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Hoang Ton
Hoang Ton on 21 Apr 2012
sure, channel 18 and 19 (EOG_Right and EMG)

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