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How do I invite students to Cody Coursework without using their emails

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PeterB on 24 Jul 2017
Closed: PeterB on 24 Jul 2017
According to this page , the only way to invite students is to cut and paste their emails into the box under the "People" tab in Cody Coursework. Cutting and pasting 150 student emails isn't an option. Furthermore, our university does web-to-email announcements, not the use of a distribution list. So, how do I grab a piece of text which I can send to my 150 students?


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 24 Jul 2017
Good question. Unfortunately very few of the volunteers here have any experience with Cody Coursework, especially from the instructor side. I think you will need to contact Mathworks Support.
PeterB on 24 Jul 2017
Thanks Walter. In the end I did indeed put 150 emails into the box (I wrote a little Python script to connect them together).

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