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from cell to date

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I have a cell variable 201624x1 with values for date from '01/01/1994 01' until '01/01/1994 01' How do I convert these into Matlab dates


Jan on 3 Jul 2017
It depends on what "from '01/01/1994 01' to '01/01/1994 01'" means. Why are the two strings equal and what is the trailing "01"?
Johannes Deelstra
Johannes Deelstra on 3 Jul 2017
sorry this was wrong. the time series starts at 01/01/1994 01 in which the 01 is 1 o' clock and ends at 31/12/2016 23 in which 23 is the 24 hrs midnight
per isakson
per isakson on 4 Jul 2017

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Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 4 Jul 2017
datetime(yourcellarray, 'InputFormat', 'dd/MM/yyyy HH')


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Anushi1998 on 4 Jul 2017
Use strfun and datetime functions for conversion

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Guillaume on 4 Jul 2017
You probably mean cellfun. There is no strfun in base matlab. In any case, datetime can directly operate on a cell array so cellfun would not even be needed.

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