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What is the maximum Sampling rate of ADC in Tms320F28377s when simulink model is deployed in it?

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Manish Tathode
Manish Tathode on 18 Mar 2017
Commented: Manish Tathode on 19 Mar 2017
Hello, I am using Matlab simulink With LaunchPad TMS320f28377S. I wan to use ADC and want to take 32 samples per cycle i.e sampling frequency 1600Hz. Will The ADC work properly at such high sampling frequencies?

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Hildo on 18 Mar 2017
The most important, you have to read this information in the DSP datasheet. The Simulink only generate the C-code that is compiled by CCS/Eclipse. In an quick calculation, 32 samples in an 1600Hz results in 51.2kS/s. I already use this order of frequency in these DSP family, but you have to be concerned with you execution algorithm time.


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