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Problem accessing MATLAB functions

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Mate on 16 Mar 2012
Answered: Kirankumar on 4 Jul 2014
I'm currently doing a project in transfer function estimation with MATLAB's PEM and TFEST functions. However, TFEST as well as other system identification functions like IDTF seems to be missing, despite I'm running 2011a. (The reason I want to use TFEST is because I want to specify the number of poles/zeros in my PEM estimation.)
Thank you

Accepted Answer

Jacob Halbrooks
Jacob Halbrooks on 16 Mar 2012
Do you have System Identification Toolbox installed? You can see a list of installed toolboxes by executing:
In addition, it appears that TFEST is a new function added in R2012a (see the R2012a Release Notes). If using a prior release, try upgrading.
Jacob Halbrooks
Jacob Halbrooks on 16 Mar 2012
That explains it. TFEST was added in R2012a. I've updated my original solution to be mroe complete.

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Kirankumar on 4 Jul 2014
Is there any equivalent method in Matlab 2011a to perform system identification for continuous model with 2 zeros and 2 poles. PEM can at maximum estimate for 1 zero and N poles. I cannot migrate to MATLAB 2012a for the moment.
Regards, kirankumar.

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