Increase license timeout?

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Is there anyway to increase the time out for the client to wait for a license to check out? I have a user logging into a VPN and the license checkout fails (in city over), but works fine when in the local area.

Accepted Answer

Ashwini Venkatappa
Ashwini Venkatappa on 6 Feb 2017
The timeout for MathWorks Hosted License Manager(MHLM) license has become adjustable by an environment variable(MW_LM_SERVICE_TIMEOUT ). The base timeout for MHLM license is 60 seconds.
The environment variable: MW_LM_SERVICE_TIMEOUT will override the timeout with its own value in seconds. Set this environment variable on the computer calling MHLM for a license to something greater than 60 seconds.
Note:In a cluster configuration this variable will need to be set on the cluster nodes to take effect.

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