Object Detection with 3D point cloud CNN

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Nick on 26 Jan 2017
Answered: Kenta on 2 Dec 2020
Hello; I have dataset but 3D Velodyne point clouds 100k points per frame, stored as binary float matrix You can access this link (I have .bin file ) http://www.cvlibs.net/datasets/kitti/raw_data.php And I want to detect object in 3D point cloud with CNN On the other hand I dont know that how to I can train my data and set up network I found this example : https://www.mathworks.com/help/vision/examples/object-detection-using-deep-learning.html but used cifardata in here How can I detect object 3d point cloud?

Answers (1)

Kenta on 2 Dec 2020
Please check PointPillars for the object detection with point cloud data.

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