How to use a GPIO as a DAC output in a F28035 using Embedded Coder

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Balrog on 7 Jan 2017
I would like to send a signal to watch it through a oscilloscope through a DAC output. There is a specific ADC block in Simulink to program a ADC but couldn't find a block which can be used to program a GPIO as a DAC. Is there a method of getting a signal out though the micro-controller board through a DAC. Micro-controller board is TI Piccolo F28035 experimenter's kit. MATLAB 2015a.

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Ashwini Venkatappa
Ashwini Venkatappa on 9 Jan 2017
DACs do not come out to a pin on F2802x devices, but are instead inputs to comparators 1 and 2. We could make use of PWM Module as DAC. You can thus use this feature with DSP2802x_Comp.h file to extract the DAC value from DACVAL register.
This would be a useful link

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