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Ryan Goodfellow
Ryan Goodfellow on 18 Nov 2016
Commented: liqun fang on 25 Apr 2022
I have created a Simscape model by dragging dropping and connecting various components from the electrical foundation library. Now I am interested in looking at the underlying Simscape language source code of the interconnected components. This is similar to how I use OpenModelica for example. How do I do this? I have figured out how to view the source for a single component, but not the entire composition that is in my .slx file. The underlying goal here is to have a look at the DAEs and their interconnections.

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Lucas Lebert
Lucas Lebert on 6 Dec 2016
Hi Ryan, you can access the source code of every block from the Simscape Foundation Library->Electrical, if you double click on the block and click on the link "Source Code". However this is not possible for blocks of the Simscape Electronics library. There is no option to access the source code of these blocks. The functionality of these blocks is explained in detail in the MATLAB documentation though.
liqun fang
liqun fang on 25 Apr 2022
Hey , have you solved this problem?

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Rafa Fernan
Rafa Fernan on 21 Nov 2017
Hi Ryan,
I'm looking for the same topic, how I can get the DAE equation system of my simscape system. Did you get it Ryan?
Regards Rafa

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