can we run a matlab file without saving it?

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this question will help you to know about saving a matlab file.
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KSSV on 25 Oct 2016
Yes you can....but when you run it is automatically saved...

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Accepted Answer

Shubham Maurya
Shubham Maurya on 25 Oct 2016
Actually by default, the Matlab asks for saving the file or script with a name followed by .m extension. So, I don't think its possible to run the file without saving it.

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Raúl GB
Raúl GB on 25 Oct 2016
You can evaluate the current section (ctr+enter) or the current selection (F9), it will run the script or part of the script without saving it. Please note that you cannot evaluate a function unless you specify an input for it.

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 25 Oct 2016
Type control-a (to select everything), then type F9.

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