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is there a built in function to get minimum nr of bits for an integer ?

Asked by timo
on 2 Oct 2016
Latest activity Commented on by dpb
on 2 Oct 2016
I have found the formula for minimum nr of bits for a integer
bspec = floor(log2(16)) + 1
Is there a built in function for this in MATLAB ?

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When you write one, there will be... :)
But, what do you need a function for a constant; unless you intended the argument '16' to be a variable based on the length of a word???
If the object is to find out the size of an integer, see
doc class
doc isa

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1 Answer

Answer by Peng Liu
on 2 Oct 2016

Not floor(log2(x)) + 1 but ceil(log2(x)) is correct

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Good catch; but I still wonder what OP actually wants... :)

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