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Is there any way to prevent a user from interacting with a figure while the rest of the code runs?

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mbonus on 1 Sep 2016
Answered: mbonus on 1 Sep 2016
Hello, I have a file that creates a GUI where each subsequent function adds to it until it returns to the original function. I would like to make it so the user can't interact with it until the code returns to the original function. I have tried to turn visible to off, but I am plotting multiple axes on it, so every time I set a new axis, the visibility it turned back on. If I try to turn it off after it's back on, it gives an unprofessional flickering appearance. So I would be grateful if somebody could tell me a property that I can modify or a function I can call that would allow code to run while the figure is inaccessible. Thanks in advance.

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