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How to get data from database in GUI?

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Gytis Raudonius
Gytis Raudonius on 31 Aug 2016
Commented: Gytis Raudonius on 11 Sep 2016
Hey, have problem, i work with license plate recognition. At this moument i have create and link database with matlab, but question is how i can get data about driver from database, by license plate numbers, as you can see in file which add. I want to get data in edittext fields, so if someone can help me with simple example. Thanks for yours answers.

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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 1 Sep 2016
Gytis - rather than attaching a zip file, which many of may be reluctant to open, please attach the m and fig files instead.

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Answers (2)

mbonus on 1 Sep 2016
You can do
where objTagName is the tag you assigned to the uicontrol('Style','edit',...) and hObject is the handle if it was saved.


Gytis Raudonius
Gytis Raudonius on 3 Sep 2016
but i need this get value from database, i try but not working for me, maybe i do somthing wrong?
mbonus on 7 Sep 2016
Just make sure that you save it to the root directory (0), that way it can be accessed regardless of whether the GUI has been closed
Gytis Raudonius
Gytis Raudonius on 11 Sep 2016
maybe you can explain more how it should be work
function pushbutton1_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles)
conn = database('baze', 'root', 'root', 'Vendor', 'MYSQL', 'Server', 'localhost', 'PortNumber', 3306);
a = get(handles.edit8,'String');
%b = get(handles.edit9,'String');
if iscell(a) && numel(a) == 1
a = a{1};
if ~ischar(a) || isempty(a);
error('A valid string must be supplied!');
sqlquery = ['select vardas, pavarde, laipsnis, pareigos, telefonas, marke, numeris, tarnyba from info '...
'where numeris = ' '''' a ''''];
curs = exec(conn, sqlquery);
curs = fetch(curs);

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Gytis Raudonius
Gytis Raudonius on 3 Sep 2016
sorry for my ignorance, i made new gui for best understanding how to need it works, so add files below